Iron Chef Competition

The Iron Chef America format is back at this year’s Chef Culinary Competition.  4 teams of 2 chefs will compete in each round for the honor of being the Chef Conference Iron Chef Champion. The competition will have 3 rounds. Each round will have a 10 minutes skills competition to begin where the secret ingredient will be revealed.  The secret ingredient will be one of 2 items that the team will know of in advanced. Each team must break down the secret ingredient in the 10 minutes provided.  It could be a whole duck, an entire fish or anything in between!  Each team will be judged on how well they prepare the item and assessed points.  In the second part of the round (30 minutes), each team will use what they break down to complete their dishes.  4 plates will be prepared-3 for the judges and 1 for display. The judges will critique the dishes based on presentation, taste and originality. Points from the skills and cooking portion will be combined for the total round score.  Winners from round 1 and 2 will be sent to the finals (round 3).

Winners of round 1 and 2 will receive $100 each.  The winners of the final round will win $250 each.

If you would like to have a chance to be chosen for this fun competition, please sign up when you register for the conference and include the name of the person that you’d like to be on your team. Eight competitors will be chosen on Sunday and Monday night to compete.