Matthew Britt is a chef and culinary instructor contributing his years of experience running restaurants in Washington, DC to New England’s growing culinary scene. Britt has experience in several types of cuisines but specializes in tying New England tradition with world flavors. He currently works as a full-time faculty member at Johnson & Wales University, where he brings his global influence to aspiring culinarians.

Growing up in Nashua, New Hampshire, Britt became a dishwasher in a local restaurant at the age of 16. He admired and looked up to the ‘chefs on the line’ and aspired to be like one of them. Like many in his field, Britt attended the Culinary Institute of America, graduating in 2004. He went on to work at the Ritz Carlton in Boston and for the Back Bay Restaurant Group in that same city. In 2006, Chef Britt moved to Washington, DC and joined the Passion Food Hospitality family. His first role was as Sous Chef at DC Coast, and from there, he joined the team as Sous Chef opening PassionFish. He became the Chef Tournant for the group, spending most of his time at the Asian-influenced TenPenh, before joining at the Latin inspired Ceiba, where he became Executive Chef in 2011. After several years leading the Ceiba team, Britt and his wife Erin decided to relocate, returning to their roots in New England. There, Britt landed teaching positions at Le Cordon Bleu and then Johnson & Wales. Chef Britt brings his enthusiasm and years of experience to the thriving Rhode Island culinary scene, where he is an advocate for sustainable seafood and reducing food waste. Britt is passionate about working with restaurants to ensure local seasonal product is a primary choice for chefs.